Celebrating Success

Celebrating success.

We like to recognise and celebrate the work of schools to build resilience amongst their children and young people and to improve their health and wellbeing.

Sharing your knowledge.

Become an Ambassador

We know that the learning and experience of our network of school communities will be invaluable to others. Ambassador Schools will be recognised as leaders in one or more of the nine topic areas. They will be invited to help us shape the future direction and development of the network and support us to share best practice with the wider network and beyond.

Healthy School Awards.

We have established an optional Healthy Schools awards scheme schools can access. The awards recognise three core levels of achievement – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – as well as an Ambassador award for schools that want to share their learning with other schools.

Recognising what you have achieved so far.

Bronze Award

Schools will be supported to review their health, wellbeing and resilience activities and to complete the Healthy Schools Review Tool to evidence their successes.

The Review Tool is for use by all schools. It has been designed to allow progress to be reviewed across the following key areas:

  • Leadership
  • Policies
  • Learning
  • Pupil Development
  • Being Active
  • Healthy Eating
  • Supporting Staff
  • Engagement
Healthy Schools Bronze Accreditation Review Tool

Planning for change.

Silver Award

The framework for the silver award can be used to direct a schools plan to improve the health, wellbeing, and resilience of their children and young people.

The first step will be to undertake a needs analysis to identify challenges that affect all children and young people and those challenges that impact a select few. Both will be equally important. Our team will guide the school through this first step.

The second step will be to develop the key action plans required to address the challenges identified. Our team will support the school with this work and facilitate access to support services that are relevant to the school’s plans. The agreed action plans will outline the proposed activity, identify relevant outcomes and establish key milestones.

Healthy Schools Silver Accreditation Review Tool

Making a difference.

Gold Award

The Gold award framework is used to evidence the work schools undertake to implement their plans.

The first step will be to consider how a school has implemented the actions agreed through the Silver award planning stage, and to what extent outcomes have been achieved. Both will be equally important. Our team will guide the school through this first step.

The second step will be to review how well the actions have been embedded within the school. Evidence of collaborative working with parents/carers and established links with support services will be of importance at this stage to support a schools application for a Gold award.

Healthy Schools Gold Accreditation Review Tool