Health & Wellbeing Awards

The Pathway to Health and Wellbeing Awards

Follow this pathway to achieve local Healthy Schools status within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. This local scheme provides all the necessary tools to enable your school to achieve Healthy Schools status and gain recognition through participation in the national Healthy Schools rating scheme.

1. Health Checks

Use this quick and easy health check to help you self assess and identify areas for development in your school.


2. Healthy Eating Self-Assessment

According to Public Health England, schools who take a ‘whole-school approach’, providing healthy meals to all students, show academic improvements at key stage 1 and 2. As part of the Healthy Schools Support Service there is also a stand-alone Healthy Eating Accreditation which schools can work towards at different levels, if they so choose. We will be supporting schools in being able to achieve this through teacher CPD, in-school workshops, lesson plans and resource provision as well as whole school approaches and parent engagement.

Check to see if your school is complying with health standard in relation to food education, school food standards and the provision of opportunities to grow and cook fresh foods.

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3. Food Smart Scheme

Enable your students to make informed choices about what they eat and drink, when and why.

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4. The Daily Mile County Recognition Scheme

Celebrate and receive recognition for delivering regular physical activity via The Daily Mile in accordance with its core principles.

Phase 1

Register for the Daily Mile and receive a specially designed school fence banner.

Phase 2

Complete the Daily Mile for at least 4 months including the first Spring Term and receive The Daily Mile Quality Assurance Certificate, endorsed by Directors of Education and Public Health.

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5. The Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

Find out your school’s health status on a national level by completing an online self-assessment and survey.


6. The Healthy Schools Awards

Gain regional healthy schools status which acknowledges the work of schools to improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of its whole community. Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are available.

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