Solutions for Health

As part of  the Healthy School’s project, we are currently offering the following free services to schools in Peterborough;


  • Let’s Get Healthy lifestyle programme for children aged 4-6 years old. Led by nutritionists / dieticians and qualified exercise practitioners for children referred by school nurses through the NCWMP programme to address general inactivity and weight issues. This programme is offered after school and within the community for 6 weeks.


  • Let’s Get Healthy lifestyle programme for primary school children 7-12 years old. Led by nutritionists / dieticians and qualified exercise practitioners to support the NCWMP programme and address general inactivity and weight issues among KS2 children. This intervention is offered as an After School Club activity in most schools however, some schools prefer it to be delivered during school time. This programme runs for 8 weeks and is delivered on the school premises.


  • Operation Smoke Storm (OSS) project for year 7s/8s (12-13 years old) The aim of the programme is to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, the impact it has on individual and societal health as well as the environment and NHS services. It also focuses on the  laws governing the tobacco products in the UK, the impact on the UK economy and how tobacco companies promote their products to young people. This is a video based project and requires 3x 50 minutes lessons as part of the structured timetable across 3 weeks; though it can be delivered in fewer lessons with longer teaching time. All workbooks and resources, including staff, are provided by the Healthy Peterborough team. Participating schools/academies can choose a suitable time of the year for this project to be delivered to their year 7 intake. At the end of the course, participating students are asked to prepare their own messages around the dangers of smoking in their chosen format i.e. Poetry, Art, Rap, Posters and any other persuasive and creative ways that young people feel comfortable in sharing what they have learnt. Depending on the number and variety of entries submitted, Healthy Peterborough aims to hold an annual award ceremony either in schools or as a joint venture to showcase their work.


  • Work experience and volunteering opportunities are available for year 10 and year 12 students to provide them with an insight into the health profession by offering 1 week or 2 week long placements. For year 12s or those participating in the Nuffield project, or wanting to become a Youth Health Champion volunteer (see attached YHC QA), placements can be longer depending on project requirements. There are specific roles that volunteers can choose from based on their preference and link with career goals. For example, if they are interested in fitness, sports sciences and/or physiotherapy as a career, then they can choose to support Let’s Get Moving and Shape up 4 Life programmes which focus specifically on exercise/fitness and weight loss. Further details on other volunteering roles can be accessed on request.


  • Royal Society for Public Health accredited Level 2 course in Understanding Health Improvement (equivalent to C Grade GCSE) This is a free course for year 10/11 and 12 students who are interested in any discipline of health. It is also an invaluable addition for those wanting to boost their knowledge around the wider determinants of health or simply want to improve their own understanding around health issues and services available. All Volunteer Youth Health Champions, complete this during their placement/volunteering.


  • 121 Stop Smoking services in schools and academies are to support young people caught up in this habit and aim to address this issue through confidential professional support which can be provided both on and off the school premises.


Youth Health Champion QA Resource



Telephone: 01733 894540 or 01733 590064 & Freephone: 0800 376 5655

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