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Food Smart Accreditation Scheme

Food Smart - Resource Signposting

Food Smart - You Are What You Eat! Lesson Plan

Food Smart - You Are What You Eat! Extension Lesson Plan

Processes of Food - Resources

Processed V Natural - Cards

Food Smart - Lunch Box, Junk Box! Lesson Plan

Lunch Box - Resource

Lunch Box, Junk Box - Cards

Food Smart - Grow the Seasons Lesson Plan

Where Does Food Come From - Resources

Food Smart - Eat the Seasons Lesson Plan

Food Smart - Eat the Seasons Extension Lesson Plan

Eat the Seasons - Calendar

Eat the Seasons Cards

Food Smart - Food Miles Lesson Plan

Food Smart - Food Miles Extension Lesson Plan

Food Miles

Food Smart - Bringing It All Together Lesson Plan

Bringing It All Together

Food Smart - Eat The Rainbow Lesson Plan

Food Smart - Eat the Rainbow Extension Lesson Plan

Eat the Rainbow Taste Test Chart

Eat The Rainbow Cards

Be Smart Food Quiz

KS1 Story Sheet

Sienna's story

KS1 Be Food Smart Campaign Ideas

Nutrition Information sheet for Teachers

KS2 Start a Be Food Smart campaign

Use this lesson to kick-start a great Be Food Smart pupil campaign in your school.  Find out more by downloading the step-by-step guide on this site

Teacher's Nutrition Information Sheet

Nutrition information guide for teachers

KS2 5 A Day Diary

KS2 Fruit and Veg Favourites

KS2 Sugar Smart Promise

Spying on Sugar sheet to help pupils complete their homework


KS2 Drink Rethink Sugar Quiz

KS2 Smoothie Algorithm

KS2 Spying on Sugar

KS1 Teacher Guide

Be Food Smart KS1 Teacher Guide

KS1 Lesson Presentation

Be Food Smart, KS1

KS1 Activity Sheets Year 1

KS1 Activity Sheets Year 2

Year 2 English Activity Sheet

KS2 Teacher Guide

Help Key Stage 2 pupils see what's in their food and make healthier choices

KS2 Lesson Presentation

Be Food Smart

KS2 Activity Sheet

Our campaign teacher guide

KS2 Lesson plan

KS2 Food Detectives

Are you ready to spy on sugar?


Healthier Snacking School Council Toolkit handout

Toolkit handout

Healthier Snacking School Council toolkit

Toolkit Presentation